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Do you wonder what EUNOIA stands for? Here is the definition.

You are on the right spot, if you:

  • want to learn or teach languages (with a twist)
  • want to improve your (life)style with lasting results
  • love Art in all its forms and expessions

This is a story of a woman who loves to do too many things to fit a certain niche or better – an illustration of how an English teacher can give valuable lessons about the power of passion and perseverance, about the power of habit, act as a motivator and a talent hunter, an art therapist, even a reciting and singing instructor.

Marjetka Pfajfar-e ž (ẹ̑) 1. ljubiteljica besed in komunikacije / 2.minimalistka-to-be, ki jo zanima morje stvari / 3. zagnana raziskovalka potencialov / ljubk. Marjetica

Daisy & Hydrangea.

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