The poem about longing.

Why does sadness sound so sad

Like ongoing fountains of snow

Into spring

When you feel the waiting

Warmth fighting cold layers

Around your globe.

Unpleasant light

Penetrating your eyes

When you want to crawl deep

Into your contents

Not to see

Not to hear

To gather the marbles

Of your frozen self

And melt them

Under the Sun

Where is sun

When you need one


   A poem about intensity.

When I give up

The wild tornadoes

Twisting from most twisted plots of

My blackest drifts

Pierce my chest

Hold my breath.

When I give in

To life, surrender

Bright uncharted floating bridges

Surprise my stride

Take me far

Close to me

I simply give

Sometimes, Euphony

Of my inmost essence, root then

Sounds intense like


As fire whirls

A child.

    A poem about circles.

I was a child standing

Beneath a clock

If when I dream is not real

How do I know it is real where I stand

What if I want to change where I am

Do I close my eyes

Do I say dear god

Do I say it once

Whisper and hold the dust

Why want

Why not just be

I was a child again

Standing alone with

All the past and future

Reflecting in that glass wall

Of a neighbour’s house.

I am a child holding

My son asking about

Where dead people go.

Muse of Music.

   A poem about passion.

A silent call reaches for my frame

A thread is viable and strong

Blaring through the drained

Your lug is mild but set

So much fortitude is there

My instincts now command

All is well and in sound place

Advance and near at once

The nymph of my anima awaits

For the sake of pleasure

For the sake of gods

For the sake of music

I shall be your Euterpe

You my eternal flute.


Dusk moments

    A poem about my favourite moments in between …

Late autumn of the day

Calms the loud voices within

The point of no return

Changed forever by today

The void where time and place no longer count

Where colours draw

Into the wormholes


It feels so calm and free

Knowing that the night is near

Why hold on to the day

Release close your eyes subside

This blur between the worlds erases safe

Aware of trust

Into the unknown